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Service Planning 101

Creation of Best of your Time and Resources
Congratulations! You are a new manager of service of Corporation of the Megamonolith. Though you leave about position, you understand that to you switched off your work for you. The megamonolith has redeemed recently other company, and you appoint to a site. Within your first six months you spend audit of services and find out that the previous program of service consisted only of emergency repair. (For the information on means audits, please send to my White Book “Audit of Services”, accessible through my website in
One of the first things which you should make, establish coordination of work and the program of management which helps you, and your employees identify, have on priorities, plan, and trace correcting actions. The same process should be used by all involved in service, and in each site. How you can make it?
The system which we offer, provides these important privileges:
1. Easy search and information distribution.
2. Guarantees the direct answer for emergency situations, and safety has connected problems.
3. Avoids in vain wasted time.
4. Provides easy to follow supervising principles and standards.
5. Use from the shelf software.
6. Establishes procedures.
7. Very economic.
The central point of system of planning of service – the Center of Reception and Work Coordination, or WRCC. Depending on the size of your services it can be group of the personnel or the unique expert which can even be the service provider made on the party. WRCC – unique point of submission for all inquiries of work; has on priorities and co-ordinates all inquiries of work, and provides the current status of all work in process. Through use of appendices of database WRCC gives the critical information including a priority, leadership and to help shops or contractors, and guarantees that the standardised forms and processes are used.
Word about a priority. Irrespective of the final form of your program of planning of service you should guarantee that inquiries of work answer in an appropriate manner. Here the offer:
Priority 1: Life Threat, to health, or safety. Demands the direct, local answer.
Priority 2: Weakens working conditions, access of affects ADA/handicapped or code requirements, but Does not correspond to criteria Pri-1. Demands a recognition within 1 working day.
Priority 3: Very desirable, will improve productivity, servicing and-or working conditions.
Demands a recognition within 2 working days.
Priority 4: Desirable, usual work or improves community relations. Demands a recognition within 2 working days.
Some companies establish other priority of high level for inquiries of work from the personnel of C-level which could be listed either after the Priority 2 or after 3 in an aforementioned matrix.
Here the block diagramme for inquiry of work:
1. Arriving inquiry of work –> the Priority 1?
Yes – notify the Manager of Means and send the work order immediately to result shop. The lead shop begins work.
Is not present – go to step 2.
2. The decision – work corresponds to criteria to plan?
Yes – the inquiry goes to the scheduler of service and then to the Manager of Means for approval. After Means
Approval of the manager, the work order send to lead shop or is registered for later use when funds and
Resources are accessible.
Is not present – If within power WRCC, the work order is made and sent to result shop for action. If inquiry
Outside power WRCC, the work order goes to the Manager of Means for approval and planning.
The Manager of Means has a power to reject and-or plan all orders of work.
Under normal conditions the inquiry of work would be presented by the manager of occurring department. A priority 1 inquiry – unique which should bypass this important step.
WRCC solves, whether there corresponds work to criteria to plan to guarantee that a manpower, the budget, and service lives are accessible. Usual work which is within the limits of results of power WRCC in the order of work which send to lead shop. Other inquiries go to the personnel of department of service and then to the manager of means for final approval before to be let out as work orders.

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